Replaces utility-owned infrastructure, resulting in:

Lower Electric Bill

Utilities charge a premium for use of their equipment. Innovest Electric Solutions’ custom-tailored replacement equipment results in an average savings of 40-70%* on the utility side of the electric bill.

*Range of savings varies based on demand, location, and other job specifics.

Increased Asset Value

Owning your own electrical equipment means you will be in the Primary Rate Class with your electric utility. This increases your property asset value which provides a competitive edge when renting building space or selling.

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What's Included?

Our Revolutionary DCR System is designed exclusively for the needs of commercial and industrial businesses. DCR results in immediate savings, with no money down.

We customize each DCR solution, and pre-assemble the equipment before we get to work, so the installation results in limited-to-no interruptions to your operations.

As your company grows, so does your energy savings.

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Zero Out-Of-Pocket Cost

IES offers financing that requires $0 upfront or out-of-pocket expense and is designed to be cash flow positive from day one, while maximizing energy savings and return on investment!

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